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What is Crimson Hollow?


Crimson Hollow is a fantasy simulation game set in a magical town, kept secret from the outside world. In this game, you will play as a human who discovers this mysterious village inhabited by magical villagers. You will build relationships with villagers, craft magical items, explore hidden lands, and uncover the secrets of Crimson Hollow.


What platforms will Crimson Hollow be available on?


At present, my plan is to release Crimson Hollow on PC. While other platforms are certainly possibilities for the future, at this time they are still to be determined. As the game's development progresses, I will keep players informed about any plans for additional platforms.


Who is developing Crimson Hollow?


Crimson Hollow is being developed by Courtney Quinones, a visual artist and founder of Sheeba Studios LLC. As development of the game progresses past the early stages, the plan is to bring on more team members to assist with programming. This expansion will help bring the vision of the game to life and there will be updates on this as the project progresses.


When will Crimson Hollow be released?


Crimson Hollow is currently in development and is expected to take some time before its release. The focus is on bringing the game to fruition with the highest level of quality possible. This dedication to quality may result in a longer development period than what some players may be accustomed to. However, it is believed that prioritizing personal well-being will ultimately lead to a better game. Regular updates will be provided as progress is made.

What software are you using?


For developing the game, I am using Unity 2D, which is a powerful engine for creating 2D games. I hand-draw all of the assets in Photoshop. Additionally, I use Pure Ref to gather photo references for my drawings. I use multiple references for inspiration from sites like Artstation, Midjourney, Google, and my favorite movies/videogames but never trace or copy any assets or ideas. I believe in creating original and unique assets that are true to the game's vision, making sure that each asset is original and crafted with care. To record my progress, I use OBS and edit the video footage using Adobe Rush to create videos showcasing the game's development.


Where can I get game updates? 


To receive game updates for Crimson Hollow, you can subscribe to the email list, YouTube channel, and join the Discord community. These platforms will provide regular news and exclusive content related to the game's development, and are great places to connect with others and stay informed.

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